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While we have several products in our inventory, which we offer at gun shows throughout the State of Oregon, we may not have the exact item you would like to purchase. We offer the option of transferring an online gun purchase from another dealer or store (like within the country and we use Gallery of Guns (see details and link below).

The optimum way of purchasing your gun is through Gallery of Guns where we are set up as a dealer. Gun Genie allows you to conveniently purchase that new firearm you have been looking for right from the comfort of your own home. This includes the ability to tap into their huge inventory for many items that you may not be able to see in your local retailer’s store. Also, ordering using Gun Genie makes sure that you are covered with their GuaranteeDSM Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Just click on the link below to begin your search using us as your local federal firearms dealer for your search and purchase. The process is very simple, just find the product you want to purchase, place a small deposit and then it will be shipped to us, usually within 3 business days. Then it is ready for pick up with us after we do some paperwork, a background check, and collect the balance owed on the product.

It's just that easy. Give it a try!